A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for the Community Game Jam


Programming by Tsolron and artwork/music/design by Mando. Brainstorming and design input from BrickParts, Sourabh Jurri, and INVOPICKER.

Windows build is tested and confirmed to work, Mac/Linux builds are untested.

Note: The escape button may be pressed to display a pause menu with a back to main menu button, and the main menu has "skips" to the various levels.

Install instructions

Download the version for whichever OS you are using

 * Windows is tested and confirmed to work

 * Mac/Linux are untested

After downloading, unzip and run the executable


LiarLiarCrownOfFire_win.zip 21 MB
LiarLiarCrownOfFire_mac.zip 24 MB
LiarLiarCrownOfFire_linux.zip 23 MB


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Nice concept.
One suggestion  have ist to add in feedback when killing the wrong orc.

I sometime did not notice killing the wrong one, as the only indication was       the score.

Also the musci playing in the background was fitting.